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Getting your oil changed is a small, but necessary maintenance that should not be overlooked. Engine oil is used every time you start your car in order to keep all the parts running smoothly and efficiently. Neglecting to take advantage of our oil change service in Brandon, MB, could result in a much costlier repair. We want to make your life easier, so come to Kelleher Ford and let our service department take care of you!

In addition to keeping all the parts of the engine from creating damaging friction against one another, proper amounts of engine oil also work to keep the engine cool and make sure that carbon doesn’t settle inside the engine. You also want to make sure you are using the right kind of oil for your specific vehicle. Here at Kelleher Ford, our trained service technicians will know exactly what type of oil you need for your specific Ford model. Head over to our website to easily schedule a service appointment! No need to spend time looking up different kinds of oil, going to pick it up, and filling it yourself.

Now that you know you should keep up with regular oil changes, the question is how often does your vehicle need it? A common guideline is every six months, but like the type of oil used, that can vary from vehicle to vehicle. Experts suggest going by the mileage as opposed to a calendar date, while keeping in mind the conditions your drive. For example, if you are continually in stop-and-go traffic, extreme heat, or towing large loads, you will need to be more vigilant with your oil changes. This is another area where our friendly technicians can lend a helping hand, they can assess your vehicle and driving conditions to give you a specific timeline to follow.

What happens if you decide not to follow the advice given here and neglect regular oil changes? You may not notice a difference at first, but soon your engine will begin to accumulate dangerous build-up and carbon deposits. If that happens, it will require a detailed engine cleaning, which is much more expensive than a simple oil change. Another scenario could result in the wearing down of engine parts due to the lack of oil to keep them apart, which would require replacement, and would also be very costly.

Here at Kelleher Ford, we make getting an oil change service in Brandon, MB, simple and convenient. Our service center is here Monday through Friday to make it convenient to fit into your schedule, so give us a call or visit our website to see hours, service specials, and make an appointment today!